About us

Cloud9 Pursuits Ltd is directed by James Gay and Kathryn Hall. We run a number of outdoor orientated activities aimed at sharing our enthusiasm for the outdoors with others, in the safest environment possible. This has lead our activity provision from kayaking and walking to a number of activities, specialist first aid training and water safety cover. Introducing and developing young people and adults to the outdoors is a focus of ours along with increasing accessibility, and being able to equip people with the skills to deal with situations that can occur both on the hill and at home or work.


James Gay (Director):-

James has paddled for more than 20 years now, the disciplines in which he has taken part in add to his knowledge of the sport (freestyle, whitewater, canoe touring/whitewater, slalom, marathon and Stand-up paddleboard, also been known to play in whitewater racing and sea kayaking). If you had to give him a discipline it would be Freestyle. In his spare time whilst not paddling James enjoys climbing/ hill walking, powerboating and cycling, you could say James enjoys being Outdoors… 

James’ Qualifications: – Mountain Leader (Summer) Bronze Silver and Gold DofE Assessor/ Supervisor, Climbing Wall Award, Swim Event Safety Award, UKCC level 2 Moderate Water (whitewater), EFR First Aid Instructor Trainer, FREC Level 3 and NCRQ Level 6 Certificate in Applied Health and Safety. James is also a Member of the Mountain Training Association and an Associate Member of  International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (AIIRSM)


Kathryn Hall (Director):-

Kathryn has been in boats since before she could walk, she’s paddled marathon and sprint, freestyle, white water racing, slalom, whitewater kayak, canoe touring/whitewater and stand-up paddle boarding. She has also been known to go sea kayaking. If you had to give her a discipline it would be Marathon (you only have to look at the trophy cabinet to work this out). Kathryn has completed the Devizes to Westminster canoe race 3 times. Kathryn can also be found climbing and hill walking. she enjoys being outside pushing herself.  

Mountain Leader (Summer), Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE Assessor/ Supervisor, Climbing Wall Award, Swim Event Safety Award trainer, UKCC level 2 Moderate Water (Whitewater), FSRT Provider, First Aid Instructor, FREC Level 3, ARA Level 2. Kathryn is also a Member of the Mountain Training Association. 

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Aaron Thompson (Senior Instructor):-

Having recently completed his degree; BA(hons) Outdoor Adventure Education, Aaron has joined the team full time as a senior paddlesports instructor. Aaron also started his career in paddling, competing successfully with team GB Dragon Boating being part of the European Championship Winning team.  He is also an avid climber and mountain walker and enjoys introducing people to the outdoors. With his experience and depth of knowledge, we welcome Aaron as part of the team. 

Mountain Leader (Summer) Training, Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE Assessor, Climbing Wall Award, Swim Event Safety Award, UKCC level 2 Canoe/Kayak, First Aid At Work, Powerboat Level 2 (Coastal), FA Level 1 Coach, SPA Training. Aaron is also a Member of the Mountain Training Association.
A head for paddling

Phil Redrup (Coach):-

Phil has been a coach for more years than he would like to own up to! He has a wicked sense of humour and a diverse range of hobbies. A passion for all things outdoors and great enthusiasm to share it with others. A valuable member of the team Phil always has your best interests at heart ensuring all of his sessions are run to his high standards.

To provide excellent courses you need excellent trainers, experienced in their field we work with a network of qualified instructors to deliver high quality experiences for our customers.